"The most important period is not the age of university studies but the first period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being
formed. ” Maria Montessori”

Montessori Daffodils first started its operation in 2003 in a double-storey corner unit in the quiet suburbs of Bandar Sri Damansara at Jalan Meranti.  Currently its  running its  centre at No 2, Jalan Kiara SD 11/3F , Bandar Sri Damansara under Tadika Montessori Daffodils . It offers Montessori Education between the ages of 2 -6years and is a registered Tadika under the perview of Ministry Of Education, Malaysia. 

This school is  wholly owned and managed by Madam Muni, who is a fully qualified Montessorian with Montessori Centre International, United Kingdom, a mentor for SEGI college to offer practical Training for Montessori graduates for the past 12 years and also is a certified Child Care Provider under the Welfare Ministry.   The school’s policy is to uphold and maintain the teachings of Maria Montessori, provide the best Montessori Education in Sri Damansara, the surrounding areas of Damansara Damai, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sierramas, Valencia, Bukit Maluri, Bandar Menjalara and Kepong areas. We believe to champion  the cause of all children in Early childhood     and given the right environment and teachers,  every child will excel and blossom beautifully be it normal or children with special needs. 

The school is renowned to be the one school which is "truly” Montessori school in this region and provides excellence in reading and proficiency in the English Language. We have successfully managed to nurture and educate children to be proficient in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and also have created well balanced children who are excelling in the Primary schools be it Kebangssan, International or Chinese primary schools for the past 12 years. My past track records proves that. Equal importance in Mandarin and Bahasa is given so that the children will adapt and move on to Primary 1 without any difficulty and bridging classes for Primary starts when they are 5 years old till 6 years when they graduate. Montessori Daffodils children are confident & creative and will be able to embark confidently in their primary & secondary years as the foundation laid in Daffodils is very strong.