Our Strengths

Trained Teachers – Teachers are trained in Montessori to ensure that the children benefit from the prepared environment; Very experienced teachers in Bahasa & Mandarin to handle the non-Montessori areas.  

Small Student Teacher Ratio - 1:6 - 1:7 

Parental Involvement - PTA is held twice a year to discuss with parents on their child’s development, progress reports recorded and presented; 

Open Day/Concert - bringing children and parents together to enjoy the performances by their children; Mooncake festival celebrations, Chinese New Year party, Hari Raya Party, Deepavali Party, Father’s Day Tea, Mother’s Day Tea to enhance and maintain good relations and understanding between the school & parents. 

Trips/ Visits - Educational Outings are planned twice a year to different places of interests, presentations, talks by the fire department, visits by Milk companies, and visits by the Health Departments. 

Culture Projects - Presentations on all the different festivals in the country, art & craft projects, music & movement. Themes: Zoology, Botany, Solar Systems, Geography, History and Science, Science Experiments.


- Mandarin (3-6 years)

- Bahasa (4-6 years)

- Music & Movement

- Speech & Drama

- Public Speaking/Show & Tell

- Cookery

- Sand Play

- Water Play

- Physical Exercise

- Art
- Martial Arts
- Music Lessons - Modern Music
- Speech & Drama - Blubricks
- Robotics- World OF Robotics