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What Is Montessori Education and The Montessori Environment?

It is based on the Montessori Method which is the bedrock of all early childhood education. It is a scientifically method founded by Maria Montessori. The method can be defined as:-
  1. A child centred approach, learning through his five senses-sounds, textures, colours, smells and tastes. It recognizes the importance of the childs 1st six years when his powers of absorption are highest , life long attitudes are formed and to tap his sensitive periods of learning;
  2. Freedom of the child to interact with his environment which is carefully prepared, planned and structured using concrete materials to choose at his own pace;
  3. Specially designed Montessori apparatus to explore, develop concentration, refine motor skills, develop self-confidence and independence and be socially well adjusted.
  4. The role of the teacher as a care-taker, facilitator and observer to stimulate, nurture and scaffold the childs learning to achieve his full potential and total personality.