Montessori Areas

There are five main areas to the curriculum where the materials are specifically designed according to the standards to introduce the child. The areas are namely:-

A multi-sensory approach to reading and writing through phonics- introduced to sounds of the alphabets to build words,activities with the Pink , Blue & Green series, grammar activities, story –telling, rhymes, creative writing, composition and comprehension.

Using materials from concrete to abstract to learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication , division and the decimal system.

Develop visual, tactile, auditory, gustatory & olfactory senses through the range on Montessori materials. The materials lay a foundation for later concepts in maths, geometry, science, geography, music & art.

Practical Life
Exercises to promote self-development, manipulative skills & coordination, care of the environment, grace & courtesy lessons, art & craft, daily activities to ensure independence in the child to take care of himself.

Zoology, Botany, biology, geography, history and science.